The first post…

So this is what it feels like to have a blog….its taken me a while to get onto this particular bandwagon I admit.  I don’t know whether it was the feeling of having my words out *THERE* for everyone to read (but then  I figured who’s going to read this in anycase) or just the performance anxiety of having to think of something to write all the time (what if I ran out of ideas!)….but again who’s going to read this in anycase.  So in a sense this blog is almost liberating.  I can write what I want secure in the virtual knowledge that no one is going to read it in any case….

So how does this work….do I write everyday?  every other day? when I feel like it?  many times in the same day?  it seems that the possibilities are endless…

Why am I doing this you ask?  Since I seem so clueless about who I am writing for (in the most general sense I am writing for myself) or why I am writing (because I enjoy it) and what I am going to write about (the things I value) – hmmm…so I’m not so clueless after all….

It could be like that facebook game currently doing the roads….100,000 random things about me in a blog!  hahaha!

Well anyway it could be a fun ride so whats not to like about it….

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