No sleep for the wicked…

So the DD (dear/darling/devilish/drive me insane but I love her madly daughter) didn’t sleep again last night.  What is it about 2 year olds that they know that just the night you desperately need to get your zzzzz’s because you’re planning a big weekend ahead is the night they decide to wake up every half an hour to drink water/milk/check if mummy is there/yell/scream/cry/hug etc etc etc…

When V. was born, everyone assured me that the sleepless nights only last a couple weeks – I remember one uncle in particular telling me that after the first three weeks it would be all smooth sailing…HA!  Really HA HA.  Only a man could give you that piece of advice!

So here we are at 2:30am waking up for the fourth or fifth time for the night, drinking water from the PINK water bottle, I tried the green one (trust me I tried it) but at 2:30am she only wants the pink!  I should have known!  If I had tried the pink first she would have wanted the green, thats what life’s like at that time!

I can’t for the life of me figure whats wrong, why isn’t my otherwise perfectly healthy (knock on wood) child not sleeping at night….

Let me segue into something that has bugged me since V’s birth.  Child medicine.  So we’ve got this great pedeatrician, he’s kind, doesn’t over-medicate, patient with my never-ending list of questions, and spot on with diagnosis.  I couldn’t ask for anything better.  But despite all these wonderful attributes I swear that 99% of the time it just seems like its all a bit hazy.  Like for instance when V was a baby and had colic and I happened to ask “what causes colic” well apparently it could be virtually anything from gas to lack of attention to overstimulation to hunger! Or teething, they sometimes get fever, sometimes get bad stomachs, sometimes it hurts (and sometimes apparently it doesn’t). It seems more often than not that everything is the cause of everything else or perversely nothing is the cause of everything, everything is the cause of nothing…and so on and so forth.  I imagine you get my drift.

Oh well back to the not sleeping at night.  So I’ve read all the books, No Cry Sleep Solution, Healthy Habits Healthy Kids (or something like that), What to Expect etc etc….they all assure me that 2 year olds should be sleeping through the night….Well mine doesn’t, I can’t quite figure out why and after 2 years of not sleeping I’ve made my peace with it.  I figure if she needs to wake up and check if I am there at 4:30am every night then who am I to complain.  I am sure (or at least I hope) that someday when she is a gothic teenager with a boyfriend I detest I will look back on this lovingly…

Though I do admit everytime I meet another mother with a baby that “has been sleeping through since they were 4 weeks” (I am convinced they are lying!) I go through a bout of angst-ridden “what am I doing wrong as a mother”.  But then (and this is soppy so if you’re not into that you can skip) V runs up to me, wraps her little arms around my legs, looks up at me and says “wuv you mama” and my heart melts and I know…I must be doing something right.

Until then….you can find me napping at my desk at work, or in the car (when the hubby is driving!), or while writing my blog (which would account for the inanity of it all), or while talking on the phone….goodnight!


2 thoughts on “No sleep for the wicked…

  1. Ah! I hear you! My three year old has that same little sensor…I can just see the little mental antenna perk up: “Wow, mommy looks tired and stressed, oh, look, she has a paper due this weekend. NO SLEEP/TEMPER TANTRUM Pattern ENGAGE.”

    You are doing an awesome job… Hope you’re sleeping better!

  2. @theladymel – Well we had three nights in the middle where she slept through from 8:30pm to 6am – I thought I had died and gone to heaven of course. But alas it was not to last and we’ve gone back to 2-3 wake ups a night over the last two nights. Its amazing the mental and emotional antenna they have isn’t it.

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