So yes I am obsessed with food

Ok so if you look on the right side of my website…you’ll see an ever-expanding list titled “Yummy”…this is my dirty little secret.  This is what I do when no one else is looking.  Even the dear hubby doesn’t know the extent of this little addiction.

Yep, there is no way to sugar coat this.  I AM ADDICTED TO RECIPES, FOOD BLOGS, COOKBOOKS, FOOD TV, I AM ADDICTED TO FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There could be worse addictions I suppose, crack and heroin to start with…

I sit in my office all day wondering what to cook for dinner.  Where to find the perfect recipe.  What to cook for tomorrow’s dinner etc etc etc.  I wish I could find a way to do this for a living!

Do you think I could get paid to think about food? Hmmm…..the perfect roast chicken! Hahahaha

I think having a child has made me even more food obsessed than before (if that was possible) now its a nightly obsession to make something that the daughter and hubby will love.  Last night it was chicken soup – daughter is sick – 😦 so wanted her to eat something that was wholesome and good…she loved it! I think thats the biggest success of all my food obsession is when I make something and the daughter and hubby love it…man thats like an expression of pure unadulterated love right there!


2 thoughts on “So yes I am obsessed with food

  1. @Pradeep – 🙂 Thanks! Am looking forward to posting more, though I have to admit I keep cooking and cooking and then forget to take pictures and so then don’t post the recipes because whats a recipe without a picture to tell you what its going to look like!

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