where did winter go?


So its March already….I’m already wearing cotton salwar kurta’s to work and thinking about when to put my cooler in.  Where did winter go?

It seems like it disappeared in a fluff of trips to Jaipur, weddings, polo and trying to figure out what exactly I was going to be doing this year.

And what am I doing?  What’s the story for this year?

Its not quite clear yet….

  1. Figure out my space professionally
  2. Definitely write more….
  3. Have another child (this is the one that’s MOST fun to work on)
  4. Move house (the damn landlord keeps raising the rent and we’re bursting out of the seams – I NEED MORE SPACE FOR MY SHOES!)
  5. Try and get Vaava to sleep through the night (easier said than done)
  6. Be better at love

So where are we at now?

  1. Well the professional thing is happening but all I seem to be doing is adding responsibilities rather than sorting out the one’s I already have…perhaps not quite the solution I was hoping for…but we’re getting their slowly.
  2. Well I’m definitely writing more…but combined with #1 it just means that I have no time for anything else!
  3. Going to practice this one tonight!!!!!
  4. Does anyone have a beautiful house that they might want to rent to us? Preferably in south delhi, with a garden or terrace, and HUGE kitchen….ahhhh if wishes were horses!
  5. HAHAHAHA….she’s only getting worse not better…and this is having a negative impact on my efforts to achieve #3
  6. I am trying I am trying…to be better….to not get as frazzled as I get…to be accepting of differences…to be more patient (tolerant)….

Not too bad for 2 months down….


2 thoughts on “where did winter go?

  1. god this feels like i could have written it… although we’ve decided not to have any more children, the three we have rob all our sleep as is! it’s still worth practising, though, you never know! and trying to be more patient, lord knows i need that…. sooo much. especially with my eldest. isabel allende once said you have to show the same kind of acceptance towards the ones you love as you do towards the trees in your garden… ie you’d never go out and nag about the way the branches are growing, etc – i wish i could accept thing more as they are and enjoy the positives more rather than trying to change what little negatives there are. sorry for rambling. love your musings, thanks for stopping by!

  2. @Johanna – Thanks for visiting. Yeah I think for me its an ongoing battle to develop patience and wisdom. Sometimes I think I might have cracked it but then of course thats just an illusion. Escaping to my kitchen and just immersing myself in kneading or mixing or slicing always helps….I love the imagery about the tree in the garden!

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