Pros and Cons

We’re going to have to move…there is no way around it.  I just know it my bones, we’re going back to Gurgaon.  Damn, I thought I had been able to delay the inevitable, but I don’t think so.  This is going to be a tough one.  I love my little city flat, right in the heart of South Delhi, even though I am on the outer ring road, I can hear the birds in the park that buffers my little home from the madness that is the Delhi traffic…I never expected that I would have any reason to wax eloquent about Delhi, I usually hate this city, but suddenly when the prospect of moving to Gurgaon seems to real, its hard to remember the things I don’t like about Delhi, only the things that I love.  

Yesterday we went to see “THE FLAT” and I went with the full understanding that this was where we were going to be living soon, but as we drove out of Delhi, onto the highway it started to sink in just how much of a change this was going to be.  But with a recession knocking on my doorstep and a landlord who thinks that he can RAISE the rent this year I think I have to go back.  Go back to the little flat in the middle of suburban HELL, but its a flat thats owned by us.  Where NO-ONE can raise the rent, where I can paint everything in mad colours, and my daughter will have her own room and I will have my OWN study and maybe we can get a puppy and we won’t have to pay rent (did I mention that before)…


Reasons to Move:

  1. Save money
  2. Three bedrooms instead of two
  3. Its our place so we can do what we want to it – including paint the walls pink if I want
  4. Good for Vaava
  5. Bigger kitchen
  6. Save money
  7. We can get a puppy
  8. Save money so I can go shopping
  9. Close to the farm
  10. Close to my parents
  11. Far from “she who shall not be named”
  12. We will have a bigger bedroom and so I can finally get my dream bed
  13. Save money so will be able to afford dream bed and macbook!  And hubby can buy his fancy shmancy plasma-TV
  14. Hubby can take me to Sunday brunches at the Trident
  15. More time together


The Reasons I am Resisting the Move

  1. Far from Delhi and my friends and our social life
  2. We might have a bigger place with a guest room but maybe no guests will want to stay so far
  3. Will cost money to do it up
  4. Far from my office
  5. Smaller living and dining rooms
  6. Will Phool and Thomas shift? 
  7. Vaava will have to change playschools
  8. Far
  9. Far
  10. Nowhere to buy decent vegetables, fish, meat in Gurgaon

I think I am moving….


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