The first day

Vanya started school.

OMG!  I know its not really a big deal, after all its playschool and its only 3 hours a day.   But it knocked me for a six, how emotional and weepy the whole thing was making me, though of course that could also just have been the PMS.

Thats Daddy and daughter just before we left the house for the big first day.  She’s got her backpack on and rearing to go already!

Thankfully my rockstar friend in Russia, J, assured me that it was a big deal.  What amazed me the most was that it didn’t faze Vava at all.  She just took the first day (and the second) in her stride.  She walked in, checked the place out, assessed the other kids, made some weird shapes with the play-do, painted a happy face and walked out.  It was so cool.


Just checking out the stools


Yep, play dough just bang it about and look like you know exactly what you’re doing…

Me – I am still completely unable to even write about the experience without tears in my eyes.  Its the start of her educational journey (one that if she follows her mother could take a LONG LONG TIME!). Its the start of her own decisions, should I talk to the girl in the yellow dress or the boy in the red shirt? Should I sit on the chair in front or the one in the back.  I know I know, not life-altering decisions, but seriously crucial one’s for a 2 and 1/2 year old in preschool.

Anyway lets see how Monday goes…when she has to be there ALONE! Its going to break my heart, I just know it.