something fishy…

So it was one of THOSE days.  You know, the one’s that never seem to end.  The days where you feel like all you do all day is tell your child NO and nag your husband.  I don’t know what it was.  It just felt like everyone was pushing all the wrong buttons.  Because I was feeling bad for being so crabby and because I had a glut of tomatoes from the farm I thought I would make tomato soup for dinner.  Tomato soup, quiche and a salad.  Light, nutritious and easy.


But I was so tired and zoned out from all the button pushing and running around all day, I put FISH stock instead of chicken stock in the soup.  Not a big deal you say….take my word for it.  Tomato soup should have either water or chicken stock….NEVER fish stock.

Yeah so after I decided the best place for me was bed…

2 thoughts on “something fishy…

  1. Hi – I noticed your comment at her bad mother’s blog about The World According to Mom – I hope you have a chance to join in the fun with us – AFTER you get some sleep. 😉 You seem like someone who must know people all over the globe.

  2. @ David…I am definitely going to try and make my next blog post for the around the world in 80 blogs…it sounds so much fun!

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