while you wait…

So I was writing a different blog post.  One that features whipped cream, sexy boys and whips (and you thought this was a childfriendly blog!)….and I hadn’t finished it yet when I came across this on a random internet surf on the Guardian  photograph pages.  Its from the cover of a NOVA magazine circa sometime in the 1960s but I just thought…whoops…sounds like my life!

(By the way for those of you who have NO CLUE what NOVA magazine is/was – like me – it was apparently considered Britain’s style-bible in the 1960s!)

I have taken the pill

I have hoisted

my skirt to my thighs

dropped them

to my ankles

rebelled at university

abused the American Embassy

lived with two men

married one

earned my keep

kept my identity

and frankly,

I am lost!

Pros and Cons

We’re going to have to move…there is no way around it.  I just know it my bones, we’re going back to Gurgaon.  Damn, I thought I had been able to delay the inevitable, but I don’t think so.  This is going to be a tough one.  I love my little city flat, right in the heart of South Delhi, even though I am on the outer ring road, I can hear the birds in the park that buffers my little home from the madness that is the Delhi traffic…I never expected that I would have any reason to wax eloquent about Delhi, I usually hate this city, but suddenly when the prospect of moving to Gurgaon seems to real, its hard to remember the things I don’t like about Delhi, only the things that I love.  

Yesterday we went to see “THE FLAT” and I went with the full understanding that this was where we were going to be living soon, but as we drove out of Delhi, onto the highway it started to sink in just how much of a change this was going to be.  But with a recession knocking on my doorstep and a landlord who thinks that he can RAISE the rent this year I think I have to go back.  Go back to the little flat in the middle of suburban HELL, but its a flat thats owned by us.  Where NO-ONE can raise the rent, where I can paint everything in mad colours, and my daughter will have her own room and I will have my OWN study and maybe we can get a puppy and we won’t have to pay rent (did I mention that before)…


Reasons to Move:

  1. Save money
  2. Three bedrooms instead of two
  3. Its our place so we can do what we want to it – including paint the walls pink if I want
  4. Good for Vaava
  5. Bigger kitchen
  6. Save money
  7. We can get a puppy
  8. Save money so I can go shopping
  9. Close to the farm
  10. Close to my parents
  11. Far from “she who shall not be named”
  12. We will have a bigger bedroom and so I can finally get my dream bed
  13. Save money so will be able to afford dream bed and macbook!  And hubby can buy his fancy shmancy plasma-TV
  14. Hubby can take me to Sunday brunches at the Trident
  15. More time together


The Reasons I am Resisting the Move

  1. Far from Delhi and my friends and our social life
  2. We might have a bigger place with a guest room but maybe no guests will want to stay so far
  3. Will cost money to do it up
  4. Far from my office
  5. Smaller living and dining rooms
  6. Will Phool and Thomas shift? 
  7. Vaava will have to change playschools
  8. Far
  9. Far
  10. Nowhere to buy decent vegetables, fish, meat in Gurgaon

I think I am moving….


Ok so Vaava finally got her wish, we’ve coloured her pink….currently she has pink toes (they are truly the cutest things) and pink ears, and a tiny smidgen of pink just above her left eyebrow….

Yesterday was Holi…the happiest, hippiest, maddest festival in the Indian festival calendar (and we’ve really got our share of festivals).  But seriously, you’ve just got to love a culture which has an entire day devoted to getting as hammered as possible.  Its divine debauchery!  It was also the dear daughter’s first Holi.   Well not exactly but  the last two years we thought she was too young to really “play” Holi and plus her mother wanted to get hammered but this year we decided she was ready!  And was she!  My gosh, I have to admit I was a bit worried at first, though I dared not even admit this to the hubby.  But I was thinking, all that water, all the strange colours, people on bhaang (more about that later) this could be good…or this could be very very bad.  And you know what, bless her darling heart, she was fabulous about it.

Just look at the picture….!  holi73

She played and danced and soaked her father in water, and ate and danced some more and soaked her father once again and whirled and even let her mother get some quiet time with her friends to have a bloody mary and a illicit cigarette and it was just fabulous.

I’m so proud of her.  She didn’t even blink an eyelid when she saw both her parents looking like this….



where did winter go?


So its March already….I’m already wearing cotton salwar kurta’s to work and thinking about when to put my cooler in.  Where did winter go?

It seems like it disappeared in a fluff of trips to Jaipur, weddings, polo and trying to figure out what exactly I was going to be doing this year.

And what am I doing?  What’s the story for this year?

Its not quite clear yet….

  1. Figure out my space professionally
  2. Definitely write more….
  3. Have another child (this is the one that’s MOST fun to work on)
  4. Move house (the damn landlord keeps raising the rent and we’re bursting out of the seams – I NEED MORE SPACE FOR MY SHOES!)
  5. Try and get Vaava to sleep through the night (easier said than done)
  6. Be better at love

So where are we at now?

  1. Well the professional thing is happening but all I seem to be doing is adding responsibilities rather than sorting out the one’s I already have…perhaps not quite the solution I was hoping for…but we’re getting their slowly.
  2. Well I’m definitely writing more…but combined with #1 it just means that I have no time for anything else!
  3. Going to practice this one tonight!!!!!
  4. Does anyone have a beautiful house that they might want to rent to us? Preferably in south delhi, with a garden or terrace, and HUGE kitchen….ahhhh if wishes were horses!
  5. HAHAHAHA….she’s only getting worse not better…and this is having a negative impact on my efforts to achieve #3
  6. I am trying I am trying…to be better….to not get as frazzled as I get…to be accepting of differences…to be more patient (tolerant)….

Not too bad for 2 months down….

So yes I am obsessed with food

Ok so if you look on the right side of my website…you’ll see an ever-expanding list titled “Yummy”…this is my dirty little secret.  This is what I do when no one else is looking.  Even the dear hubby doesn’t know the extent of this little addiction.

Yep, there is no way to sugar coat this.  I AM ADDICTED TO RECIPES, FOOD BLOGS, COOKBOOKS, FOOD TV, I AM ADDICTED TO FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There could be worse addictions I suppose, crack and heroin to start with…

I sit in my office all day wondering what to cook for dinner.  Where to find the perfect recipe.  What to cook for tomorrow’s dinner etc etc etc.  I wish I could find a way to do this for a living!

Do you think I could get paid to think about food? Hmmm…..the perfect roast chicken! Hahahaha

I think having a child has made me even more food obsessed than before (if that was possible) now its a nightly obsession to make something that the daughter and hubby will love.  Last night it was chicken soup – daughter is sick – 😦 so wanted her to eat something that was wholesome and good…she loved it! I think thats the biggest success of all my food obsession is when I make something and the daughter and hubby love it…man thats like an expression of pure unadulterated love right there!