a little teary-eyed and very proud

So we had the first day of school about a week ago.  But it wasn’t too big a deal because I was going with her everyday.  Then today I decided to try leaving her at school BY HERSELF!  Vaava and I got there a little early so we could meet M her teacher and settle her in to school and so that she and I could have a quiet moment before I let her go into the big bad world.  I expected at least a little crying or some hugging, but she was so brave.  She waved me goodbye and turned around and walked away holding M’s hand while I stood there watching.  Then I turned walked out of the gate of the school, got into my car and cried.


Ok so Vaava finally got her wish, we’ve coloured her pink….currently she has pink toes (they are truly the cutest things) and pink ears, and a tiny smidgen of pink just above her left eyebrow….

Yesterday was Holi…the happiest, hippiest, maddest festival in the Indian festival calendar (and we’ve really got our share of festivals).  But seriously, you’ve just got to love a culture which has an entire day devoted to getting as hammered as possible.  Its divine debauchery!  It was also the dear daughter’s first Holi.   Well not exactly but  the last two years we thought she was too young to really “play” Holi and plus her mother wanted to get hammered but this year we decided she was ready!  And was she!  My gosh, I have to admit I was a bit worried at first, though I dared not even admit this to the hubby.  But I was thinking, all that water, all the strange colours, people on bhaang (more about that later) this could be good…or this could be very very bad.  And you know what, bless her darling heart, she was fabulous about it.

Just look at the picture….!  holi73

She played and danced and soaked her father in water, and ate and danced some more and soaked her father once again and whirled and even let her mother get some quiet time with her friends to have a bloody mary and a illicit cigarette and it was just fabulous.

I’m so proud of her.  She didn’t even blink an eyelid when she saw both her parents looking like this….



where did winter go?


So its March already….I’m already wearing cotton salwar kurta’s to work and thinking about when to put my cooler in.  Where did winter go?

It seems like it disappeared in a fluff of trips to Jaipur, weddings, polo and trying to figure out what exactly I was going to be doing this year.

And what am I doing?  What’s the story for this year?

Its not quite clear yet….

  1. Figure out my space professionally
  2. Definitely write more….
  3. Have another child (this is the one that’s MOST fun to work on)
  4. Move house (the damn landlord keeps raising the rent and we’re bursting out of the seams – I NEED MORE SPACE FOR MY SHOES!)
  5. Try and get Vaava to sleep through the night (easier said than done)
  6. Be better at love

So where are we at now?

  1. Well the professional thing is happening but all I seem to be doing is adding responsibilities rather than sorting out the one’s I already have…perhaps not quite the solution I was hoping for…but we’re getting their slowly.
  2. Well I’m definitely writing more…but combined with #1 it just means that I have no time for anything else!
  3. Going to practice this one tonight!!!!!
  4. Does anyone have a beautiful house that they might want to rent to us? Preferably in south delhi, with a garden or terrace, and HUGE kitchen….ahhhh if wishes were horses!
  5. HAHAHAHA….she’s only getting worse not better…and this is having a negative impact on my efforts to achieve #3
  6. I am trying I am trying…to be better….to not get as frazzled as I get…to be accepting of differences…to be more patient (tolerant)….

Not too bad for 2 months down….